A New Style Of a Punk Rock Band, RAJLAS

Rajlas is a Punk Rock Band from Jakarta, Indonesia, developed by the lead vocalist and also songwriter Mangun Suba throughout the pandemic of 2020. RAJLAS call is originated from Javanese words : ORA JELAS which in everyday life commonly articulated by the neighborhood Javanese individuals in Indonesia as “RA JELAS”, and also the band customized the creating right into “RAJLAS” which suggests”Uncertain, ambiguous, blurred”.

The preliminary concept was to have actually an acoustic punk band that covers some renowned punk tracks from the Sex Pistols age up till late 90s to very early 2000 such as Rancid, No Utilize for a Call, the Vandals, airwaves and Angels. and so on.

Throughout the procedure the lead vocalist aimed to hire numerous acoustic guitarists to implement his concept. To produce a various tone he aimed to hire guitarists from various other genres such as Jazz, Traditional Shake, and so on. When the overall secure down occured in 2020, he could not do a lot various other compared to finding out songs as his run away from clinical depression.

At the same time he found out songs on-line and also gradually he determined to compose his very own tracks. And he fulfilled among his family members Manjoy that plays drums for the pertinent indie band called PerauKertas to see if he could aid the songs production procedure.

During that time Manjoy additionally obtained aid from his bandmate Chandra, that is the lead vocalist/guitar player of PerauKertas. As quickly as the initially tune was tape-taped, Mangun was so persuaded with their function although at completion the songs that they produced wasn’t acoustic.


Songs Affects

Rajlas lead vocalist and also songwriter is virtually affected by several punk shake bands throughout his teenagehood in the 90s. He additionally appreciated several kinds of songs due to the fact that throughout his energetic time as a artist he was a drummer for several various kinds of bands.

He loves not just renowned punk shake vocalists such Tony Scheming, Tom DeLonge, Lars Frederiksen, however additionally from various other genres such as Noel Gallagher, Chris Cornell, John Rzeznik, Billy Corgan and so on. Rather than concentrating on abilities or strategies, Rajlas favor to welcome songs in a much more all-natural means and straightforward.

This suggests that their songs isn’t concentrating over ability neither strategies. They take into consideration that songs is much a lot extra such as a means to spread out the messages to the globe and also not always needs to remain in superb business requirements. This is additionally the reason they picked Punk shake as their style due to the fact that there’s much a lot extra flexibility of expression and also resistance in regards to music concepts.


Songs Style

Although they mentioned themselves as a punk band, Rajlas has actually purpose to produce a bigger measurement of appears rather than simply utilizing common Punk distortion. There are some tastes adjusted from much a lot extra modern-day shake bands such as Angels and also Airwaves, Kings of Leons, the Drums and so on.


Tune motif

Among the primary solid factors of the band has to do with exactly just how they compose the lyrics. Those lyrics are a blend of punk rock-ish design creating incorporated with traditional ideologies and verses. For their tracks Rajlas mainly discuss life, social movie doubters, relationships, betrayals and enjoy.


Songs :

  • One Million Photos
  • The Warrior Tune
  • Zombies & Monsters
  • roller coaster