5 Must Have Moisturizer Features for Sensitive Skin

Afraid to try to choose a moisturizer for sensitive skin, Marshalova? Actually, it’s only natural that you have anxiety like this. The reason is that this skin type tends to react easily when in contact with certain trigger factors. However, it does not mean that you miss the moisturizer in the range of treatment products for the face, because this product is needed to maintain skin moisture.

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Tips for Choosing a Moisturizer for Sensitive Skin

Roughly, what kind of moisturizer criteria for sensitive skin should you know? Girls, don’t make the wrong choice, get to know the following features!

  1. Adequate exfoliation content

Moisturizer for sensitive skin

Exfoliation is actually needed to lift dead skin cells, so that the regeneration process will occur faster. However, the content of excessive exfoliation will actually make your sensitive skin inflamed to cause new problems such as blackheads.

For that, look for a moisturizer with a gentle exfoliator. Moisturizers with such content can do exfoliation without injuring the skin surface. Regular use will also make your facial skin glowing and healthy.

  1. Free from alcohol content

Moisturizer for sensitive skin

One of the restrictions that owners of sensitive skin should avoid when looking for skincare products is the alcohol content. As you know, alcohol includes hard liquids. When in contact with the skin, alcohol will trigger a destructive reaction, including when used as a moisturizer.

Even in lower levels, the alcohol contained in the moisturizer still causes problems such as excessive sebum production that makes your face acne. It would be good if you look for a moisturizer with natural ingredients such as witch hazel or lavender that is more cooling.

  1. Adequate water content and light

Moisturizer for sensitive skin

The next feature of a moisturizer that is friendly to sensitive skin is that it has a sufficient water content and is light. This factor will keep your sensitive skin calm when the product is applied as well as moisturize it so that it does not dry easily.

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To give optimal results, look for a moisturizer for sensitive skin made from alpha bisabolol extract, shea butter, and licorice extract. Gel moisturizer is also safe for sensitive skin, because it will keep the face fresh and glowing for a long time.

  1. Supplied with vitamins to nourish the skin

Moisturizer for sensitive skin

Vitamin intake from the mousturiser will keep your facial skin nutritious. Vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin E are some types of vitamins that sensitive skin needs to prevent it from reactions such as redness and irritation. That way, your face will also be kept healthy.

Avoid moisturizers with too strong fragnance. The stinging smell actually indicates that the product will cause more severe facial skin problems. Even if you want a fragrant moisturizer, make sure the smell is not too strong and can soothe the skin.

  1. Already equipped with sunscreen

Moisturizer for sensitive skin

A number of moisturizers available in the market are equipped with sunscreen or sunscreen as skin protection. This type of product is clearly suitable for you who need practical use. In addition to being able to protect the skin, moisturizers with sunscreen keep makeup attached for a long time. 

For sensitive skin, make sure the sunscreen on the moisturizer of your choice has an SPF content of 15 and above. Creamy textured products are also more recommended because they will stick quickly and at the same time be able to cool the facial skin when you are active outdoors.

How, already got the picture of the moisturizer needed, Marshalova? It is easy to find moisturizers for sensitive skin, because these products are available in drugstores, minimarkets, and even marketplaces for online purchase. One thing is for sure, you must buy it from the original manufacturer or authorized seller to prevent the use of counterfeit products.