Simple steps to choose a blog name

Most bloggers will tell us that it is important to find a name that is memorable and friendly to the relevant site but also does not violate any trademark names. Therefore, it is a must to choose a name that has not yet been registered.


– Create our blog online

Launching our site is only half that. We also need a place for people to go when they want to read what we write or find out more about us. The easiest way is through popular hosting sites. Once you have an account, we can install blogging


– Choose a blog theme and design

Finding and choosing a unique theme on our own is important because it allows us to craft our own vision, rather than using one of the hundreds or thousands that are out there. Custom themes don’t have to be expensive either, as there are plenty of sites that will help us create professional-looking templates.


– Customize the blog

To customize the new blogging platform, we had to learn how to change fonts, add images, and insert widgets that display conte. Once our site is up and running, it’s time to decorate it. Choose a theme that represents who we are and let potential readers get a peek at our personality.


– Write & publish our first post.

Our first post may seem unimportant, but in fact it is one of the most important things we can do as a blogger. Take the time to put together an engaging introduction that reflects the values and personality of our brand. This is our chance to show readers what makes us unique, so don’t waste it.


– Optimize our blog for search engines

It’s important that our website is easy for people to find and navigate, but we also want it to be useful for search engines. When someone does a search on Google, they are looking for relevant answers (or at least, entry points). If our site doesn’t show up in their search results, we’ve lost them before they even visited our page.


– Promote the blog

The fastest way to get an audience is to promote content through social media or search engine optimization, when it’s released. The more posts we have, and the better, the greater our chances of spreading our voices and gaining new readers. Ideally, we would have at least six posts written before launch so we can ride a steady wave of traffic as soon as it goes live.


– Make money blogging

Most bloggers make money through affiliate marketing, ad sales, product placements and sponsorships, blogging as clients of other companies or organizations or even through selling their own products. If we want to learn how to make money from a blog, we must first register to google andsen.