Using the best email marketing strategy this Black Friday

Black Friday is about two months away, but if you conduct some research, you will probably think that this event is starting next week. Namely, many companies like Amazon, Sears and Best Buy are advertising their special Black Friday deals. This means that there is no reason to keep waiting for your Black Friday marketing campaign. In fact, many experts recommend starting an email marketing campaign in the beginning of November or even before if you think that your campaign will be efficient. Now let’s see how you can maximize the results of your email marketing campaign focused on Black Friday sales.

Black Friday – A weekly event

Staging a Black Friday sale once a week until actual Black Friday comes has proven to be a great idea. In this way, you will get a chance to make a profit even before the holiday season starts. There are many businesses that are extending this practice a few weeks after Black Friday. It all depends on your inventory and resources. By including this new approach to your marketing strategy you will stand out from the crowd. Of course, if you want to witness success, you will have to keep sending email reminders. This is quite natural because these reminders will increase the awareness among buyers.

Use email coupons

There are situations when business owners simply cannot offer a large sale like some popular retailers do. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t make a profit in a different way. Namely, you can probably offer a small discount to your customers. Every consumer will be glad to get an opportunity to save some money. Use the email addresses you have from your clients to send special Black Friday coupons. Remind them that they can redeem these coupons for a discount during the checkout process. Remember to let customers share these coupons with their family, friends and colleagues.

Offer some freebies

Now here’s another good advice for your email marketing campaign focused on Black Friday. This doesn’t mean that you should offer products for free, but you can definitely provide something useful like free shipping for example. Or maybe free wrapping and packaging. In addition, you can provide free accessories for certain, more expensive products.

Those who want to witness success this Black Friday must practice an innovative approach when it comes to email marketing.

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